Sunday Setlists 5-2-10

This morning was a special moment in the history of Van Dyke Church's North Campus. Senior Pastor, Matthew Hartsfield, came and preached live for our congregation this morning. This was special for numerous reasons... (I am now going to digress into some multi-site church thoughts... you've been warned...)

  • For the many people who have no prior connection for Van Dyke Church's Lakeshore Campus- this enabled them to put a real face and person with the image they watch each week via live broadcast.

  • It puts the question in the mind of those at the Lakeshore campus of, "where is our pastor?" They subsequently discover he was at "that other campus." It revitalizes parishioner's awareness and connectedness to their new multi-site location.

  • Though Pastor Matthew was there live, Pastor Andy was still present and engaged in his present role- this shows a united front and a firm investment in the multi-site venture.

Pastor Matthew preached a great sermon, casting vision for and throwing courage on the North Campus.

Set List:


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