Iphone 4.0 Beta 3 Installation

Alrighty, so I updated to the Beta 3 of iphone firmware 4.0 today. Seems to be much more stable than the Beta 1 and 2 build. After so many negative reports of the second beta, I decided to skip beta 2. All details are for installing on a mac- as this can't be installed on a pc, unless you are running something like vmware.

Here's the big deal:

When I went to create a backup of my phone before the install, it said my iphone refused the backup. After some handy googling, I discovered I was not alone.

The fix:

You must install the latest iphonesystemcomponents.pkg file. It was a bit tricky to track down, but I found it here. Just close iTunes and run the installer package. Viola, you can back up your phone. Then download the latest firmware (employ googling) iPhone2,1_4.0_8A260b_Restore.ipsw.

After restoring from the backup, I didn't get the error I received on the first beta.

I was tempted after the first quirky beta to restore back to 3.1.3, but decided to stick it out- basically because I got married to a few features that I wasn't willing to give up. Those features are:

  1. unified inbox and threaded messages

  2. multiple exchange accounts

  3. folders


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