Sunday Setlists 4-25-10

This morning had our first-ever baptism service at the North Campus of Van Dyke Church! It was incredible. There's something really special about being a part of someone standing up in front of a crowd and saying they have chosen to follow Jesus. A church where I served previously would do affirmations of baptism- which was a really cool thing, to be baptized again to affirm the work the Lord was continuing in you! Also, for Van Dyke Church as a whole, this was the first weekend where adult baptisms were done within the services. Previously, we once a year did lakeside baptisms. After realizing that only 300-400 made it to the event, we thought it would be excellent for all 2500-ish attendees to be exposed to the act and culture of baptism. And it was a win!!

At the North Campus, we baptized a couple who have been attending since our first preview service. After receiving a    mailer, the wife emailed the church to tell us how excited she was to attend in the coming week. She hadn't been to      church since she was a young girl going to mass. The Lord has began an amazing work in them as they both within    weeks of each other made decisions for follow after Christ.

I love seeing people transformed. It is truly a privilege to be a part of what He is doing!

Set List:

You can view the service plan here.


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