Higher Heights and Deeper Depths

It's funny. Some smart scientist once said that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction... or at least something like that.

So often we try to transfer that physical property to an emotional or spiritual reality. However, the truth is, that within our human reasoning, we can't even process what the equal opposites of our perceived reality actually are.

In retrospect we can sometimes have more clarity, but that is still our interpretation of history- which is flawed by our humanity. Isaiah tells us that His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts deeper than ours.

In this resurrection season I can't help but pause and look at the pain and hardship around me. Personally- I am in a good place, I am a much more free and alive soul than I was even just a year ago. But it has been hell getting here. And I know that a season when it feels like hell will come again- all too soon, I am sure. Right now many people with whom my life directly intersects are staring down real difficulty and tragedy.

-A family who was just starting to climb from financial devastation takes a major hit with unforseen medical expenses- without insurance.

-Three incredible children are now motherless.

-A sister has made a lifestyle choice that is dividing the family like a deep fault line.

-A husband has said goodbye to his soulmate on this side of heaven.

-A family relives the tragedy of suicide as an anniversary comes back around.

-A beloved son is in inpatient care as he is entangled by depression and substance abuse.

-A beautiful woman's husband explains he has found another woman whom he "connects better with."

-The family bread winner can't bring himself to speak that he will be jobless next week.

-A young couple loses their first child in the second trimester.

...to name a few.

And I am confident that as you read this, you think of others who are close to your heart. We sing week in and week out that "our God saves" and that he "rescues." Friends- this is where the rubber meets the road, if you will.

The hope of the resurrection must transcend the pain in our hearts. It has to! I know that it can and I believe that it will.

Does this equal simplicity? No.
Does the pain cease? Of course not.
Do the circumstances suddenly realign in what we believe to be our favor? Probably not.

Does that mean our Saviour is less mighty? Does that mean he is less capable? Does it make him cold and apathetic toward our suffering? No!

But rather, we recognize that he actually understands. That he recognizes our pain an identifies with our grief.

He is risen, but first he died. He sits at the right hand of the father, but first He descended into hell. He reigns over the kingdoms of this earth, but first he was crucified by them.

This I know: Higher heights come with deeper depths.

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