Sunday Setlists 4-25-10

This morning had our first-ever baptism service at the North Campus of Van Dyke Church! It was incredible. There's something really special about being a part of someone standing up in front of a crowd and saying they have chosen to follow Jesus. A church where I served previously would do affirmations of baptism- which was a really cool thing, to be baptized again to affirm the work the Lord was continuing in you! Also, for Van Dyke Church as a whole, this was the first weekend where adult baptisms were done within the services. Previously, we once a year did lakeside baptisms. After realizing that only 300-400 made it to the event, we thought it would be excellent for all 2500-ish attendees to be exposed to the act and culture of baptism. And it was a win!!

At the North Campus, we baptized a couple who have been attending since our first preview service. After receiving a    mailer, the wife emailed the church to tell us how excited she was to attend in the coming week. She hadn't been to      church since she was a young girl going to mass. The Lord has began an amazing work in them as they both within    weeks of each other made decisions for follow after Christ.

I love seeing people transformed. It is truly a privilege to be a part of what He is doing!

Set List:

You can view the service plan here.


Local Man Freed Tuesday, Found Dead Thursday...

[caption id="attachment_223" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo Credit: The Ledger"][/caption]

A local man was freed following a plea-deal on Tuesday, and found dead in his home on Thursday. Long story short, he is said to have bludgeoned the wife of a business colleague to death with a blunt object in 1987. This was a somewhat cold case for years, though Clayton Fivecoat was a suspect in the original investigation.

This blog entry isn't meant to be scientific or investigative in nature, so I digress. What I want to talk about is justice. Not justice of the court (because by the structure of our judicial system, that was achieved), but of the Lord. Some have made the comment that this man's death is God's justice. I have to disagree.

Christ himself said, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10) When Christ stepped out of eternity to walk the earth as the perfect sacrifice for a fallen world, the game changed a bit. God's judgement is now for the other side of eternity. Not because he can't judge us now- but because he doesn't have to! All along, our Father only wanted our fellowship. But, because of our unholiness, our sin, our choices- we eliminated the possibility for us to have relationship with the Father, within our own efforts. Christ was sent to restore humanity into right relationship with Him. God isn't waiting for "bad" people to die- that's the lie. He is waiting for them to find life. The life that only Christ can offer. Our God is not a mean kid on an anthill with a magnifying glass... He is a loving father who desires to know His children.

If this man is guilty of the crime he was charged with- then he is a murderer. But aren't you also? Aren't I? Those who have held hatred in their hearts are due the same judgement as one who has taken the life of another. (Matthew 5) But the beauty is the redemption! Through Christ we are rescued and redeemed from all our transgressions.

We can't judge the sin of another*- because sin is sin. It is all less-than holy. All sin is other-than perfection. It is other-than God. Clayton Fivecoat was just another fallen human like me. Period. I don't mean to climb on a soapbox with all of this, really. I just know that God is so full of love and grace. The God I serve is one who keeps calling to me, over and over again. These are my thoughts, but scripture is the only authority. I challenge you to read it and form your own perspective.

And... in retaining my soapbox for one more moment- why don't we encourage and pray for those that loved Clayton, rather than rejoice in their loss?

*I want to talk theology just for a brief second... okay, so this was all about theology.  Luke 6 is pretty clear: "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (emphasis mine)

I want to propose that there is a wide valley of difference that runs between judgment and accountability, condemnation and correction. Just a couple thoughts to remember:

1. You can't expect someone who does not accept your belief system to think, believe, and operate by the "rules" of your religion. Don't judge.

2. We, as fellow Christ followers, have a responsibility to encourage, correct, and sharpen each other's iron (Proverbs 27:17). (IN LOVE)

I know the plank is my eye is always present, but just like the fingerprints and smudges on my windshield... they are easily ignored until the light shines in and hits it.


Sunday Setlists 4-18-10

This Sunday was great- Pastor Matthew really brought it with a great sermon on temptation.

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Sunday Set Lists 4-11-10

This morning we sang:

  • Let God Arise - B - Tomlin

  • O Praise Him - E - Crowder

  • Rain Down - Bb to C - Rita Springer-esque version

  • Rescue - G - Anderson

  • //Sermon//

  • Closer - E - Weger

Here's what it looked like on Planning Center

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iPhone OS 4.0 beta installation...

So I decided to upgrade my iPhone's OS to the 4.0 beta. I weighed the risks and the warnings... and decided I was too much of a techie nerd to pass it up.

Here's the process...


First, a few bullet point tidbits of info:

  • iPhone OS 4.0 beta can only be installed via Mac, sorry Windows losers users

  • You must update to iTunes 9.1 or you will have a disaster

1.) Retrieved my UDID

  • Connect phone in iTunes

  • Click on "Serial Number" and it will change to "Identifier (UDID)"

  • Press Command + C (on mac) or Ctrl + C (on PC... though you can't currently run this install on a PC, FYI) to copy your UDID to your clipboard.

2.) Registered my UDID - Do not neglect this step or you will have a $500+ paperweight

  • This can be accomplished a few different ways:

  1. Register as a Developer with Apple and pay $99

  2. Search "iPhone Beta 4.0" or similar on Ebay (be sure to check their feedback rating first)

  3. Commenters on most 4.0 beta blog posts are offering their slots

  4. Visit a site like: http://www.myiphoneactivation.com/

3.) Download the *.ipsw File

  • Again, a few different options (make sure you have the correct file for 3Gs vs. 3G, Touch, etc.)

  1. Find a torrent file or conduct a google search

  2. Go here http://drop.io/beta1_8a230m (I used this)

  3. If you're a developer, download from Apple...

4.) Update iTunes to 9.1 - This is only available on Mac. Do not neglect this step or you will make lots of extra work for yourself.

5.) Create a Backup of your iPhone

  • This allows you to keep all your pics, contacts, text message conversations, apps, etc.

6.) Install iPhone OS 4.0 Beta

  • Connect your phone to itunes

  • Hold option and click on "Restore"

  • Select the .ipsw file you downloaded (do not for any reason unzip and rezip this file)

  • Watch and wait as the OS loads... do not disconnect or force quit iTunes. Start feeling relief when the white bar begins to travel across your phone, this is a good sign that everything is working as it should.

7.) Get all your contacts and etc. back

  • Connect phone to iTunes

  • Right click (control +click) on the phone in the left hand pane and choose "Restore from Backup"

  • Select the backup file you created in the beginning

  • Wait. It may seem to not be working... keep waiting.

  • When the Restore is complete you will receive and error message. (mine was 20) This doesn't seem to mean anything. Eject your phone and viola! You have everything that was backed up.

Should you need it, here's some troubleshooting:

  1. My phone locked up in the middle and now it is stuck in recovery mode. I have tried to restore, but it gives me errors and won't let me.

This is the saddest answer I've ever given. This happened to me (because I wasn't running iTunes 9.1) and the solution was to connect it to a PC running Windows XP (just my scenario, perhaps not an affective detail) and restore back to factory settings as prompted. Everything then worked as it "should."

Here are some screenshots of my 4.0 experiences...

So far-

  • Hootsuite: will open, I can input my login info then it chokes over and over again. Never loads.

  • Echofon: Worked great for first 24hrs or so. Now, will open, but as it tries to refresh most recent tweets, it crashes. None of my Twitter apps work.

  • Planning Center Online: seems to be fully functional with one exception, it won't play music- but loads pdf's just find. Thankfully, it doesn't crash, just doesn't load.

  • For the first hour or so I had to do a hard reboot 4 times, it seems to have settled now and I haven't had to reboot it once in the last 12 hours.

  • Double clicking the home button brings up the multitasking (more like what you get with command +tab on a mac or alt + tab on PC)

  • iTunes doesn't recognize the folder system and if you try to sync apps, it just erases all your hard work.


Sunday Set Lists 4-4-10

Happy Easter!

This morning we sang:

  • Victory in Jesus - G - A rockin' version

  • Shout Unto God - A - Hillsong United

  • Happy Day - A - Tim Hughes

  • Mighty to Save - A - Hillsong United

  • -Special- True Love - D - Phil Wickham

  • //Sermon//

  • How He Loves - G - John Mark McMillan

This is what it looks like on Planning Center.

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Higher Heights and Deeper Depths

It's funny. Some smart scientist once said that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction... or at least something like that.

So often we try to transfer that physical property to an emotional or spiritual reality. However, the truth is, that within our human reasoning, we can't even process what the equal opposites of our perceived reality actually are.

In retrospect we can sometimes have more clarity, but that is still our interpretation of history- which is flawed by our humanity. Isaiah tells us that His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts deeper than ours.

In this resurrection season I can't help but pause and look at the pain and hardship around me. Personally- I am in a good place, I am a much more free and alive soul than I was even just a year ago. But it has been hell getting here. And I know that a season when it feels like hell will come again- all too soon, I am sure. Right now many people with whom my life directly intersects are staring down real difficulty and tragedy.

-A family who was just starting to climb from financial devastation takes a major hit with unforseen medical expenses- without insurance.

-Three incredible children are now motherless.

-A sister has made a lifestyle choice that is dividing the family like a deep fault line.

-A husband has said goodbye to his soulmate on this side of heaven.

-A family relives the tragedy of suicide as an anniversary comes back around.

-A beloved son is in inpatient care as he is entangled by depression and substance abuse.

-A beautiful woman's husband explains he has found another woman whom he "connects better with."

-The family bread winner can't bring himself to speak that he will be jobless next week.

-A young couple loses their first child in the second trimester.

...to name a few.

And I am confident that as you read this, you think of others who are close to your heart. We sing week in and week out that "our God saves" and that he "rescues." Friends- this is where the rubber meets the road, if you will.

The hope of the resurrection must transcend the pain in our hearts. It has to! I know that it can and I believe that it will.

Does this equal simplicity? No.
Does the pain cease? Of course not.
Do the circumstances suddenly realign in what we believe to be our favor? Probably not.

Does that mean our Saviour is less mighty? Does that mean he is less capable? Does it make him cold and apathetic toward our suffering? No!

But rather, we recognize that he actually understands. That he recognizes our pain an identifies with our grief.

He is risen, but first he died. He sits at the right hand of the father, but first He descended into hell. He reigns over the kingdoms of this earth, but first he was crucified by them.

This I know: Higher heights come with deeper depths.