Real Ideas Conference 2010 Set List

Real Ideas Conference

Van Dyke Church

For the fourth year Van Dyke hosted its Real Ideas Conference February 26-27, 2010. I had the privilege of leading worship for the Saturday morning session. It is such a joy to lead worship for church leaders!

  • Revelation Song  - D - Jobe

  • Mighty to Save - G - United

  • The Stand - G - United

We held the 5 chord at the end of the chorus of Mighty to Save right into the pre-chorus of The Stand. This is one of my favorite song combos. At the end of The Stand we went back into the bridge of Mighty to Save.

  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - A - Tomlin

  • Never Let Go - A - Redman

  • It Is Well - A - Chris Rice arrangement

At the end of Never let go we transitioned into It Is Well and sang the first verse and the chorus and held the IV chord at the end of the chorus back to the Chorus of Never Let Go...

I have more thoughts to come from my time serving church leaders at this conference...


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