Sunday Set Lists 3-28-10

This morning we sang:
Forever - G
Hosanna - Baloche - G
Here is Our King - Crowder - G
You Gave Your Life Away - D
Jesus Paid It All - G

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Sunday Set Lists 3-21-10

This morning we sang:
Everyone - E
Sing, Sing, Sing - E
Not to Us - E
Here I Am to Worship - E

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Sunday Set Lists 3-14-10

This morning we sang:
Glorious - Helms - E
No Other Name - D
Lead me to the Cross - E
How Great is our God - E

From How Great I transitioned a build into a rockin' version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" in E.

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Sunday Setlists 3-7-10

This morning we sang:
No Other Name - D
Revelation Song - Riddle - D
Rescue - Weger - D-E
Hosanna - United - E

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Re:Wired SetLists - March 1st, 2010

Tonight at Re:Wired we did an acoustic worship set, just acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and a cajone/shaker.

It was huge! The Spirit was moving in an incredible way through a super simple setlist.

  • Healer  - Gugliamucci - E

  • The More I Seek You  - Neese - E

  • He Loves Us - McMillan - G

  • Closer - Weger - E