Sunday Set Lists 2/28/10

February 28th, 2010

Van Dyke Church, North Campus

Courage Camp: Part IV

Hosanna - Baloche - E
Holy is the Lord - Tomlin - E

We went right from the ending of Hosanna into a huge prechorus of Holy Is The Lord.

The More I Seek You - Neese -E
Healer - Gugliamucci - E

This was our last preview service and our grand opening is this Sunday March 7th!!

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Sunday Set Lists 2/21/10

February 21st, 2010

Van Dyke Church, North Campus

Courage Camp: Part III

  • Rescue – D/E – Weger

  • Mighty to Save – G – United

  • The Stand – G – United

  • Amazed – D – Anderson

  • Special Music – The Words I Would Say – E – Sidewalk Prophets

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Thoughts on Launching a Multi Site Church

There are so many ideas and opinions about executing “multi-site” church. There are plenty of books and churches in a box for purchase. I believe there is wisdom to be gleaned from other people’s experiences, but on some level it has to be organic and relevant to what God is saying to you for your people. So much time and energy is hung up on the method of multi-site churching… personally I see no data to prove that there is any evidence of professions of faith or decisions for Christ being directly proportional to the method in which the message is delivered. Now, the quality with which that method is communicated is an entirely different factor with great effect on the affect of people’s hearts. Mostly, I just don’t want to see multi-sites becoming red-headed step children of large, well-to-do congregations. It isn’t fair and it isn’t honoring to the Lord. We are all on the same team and we must join up in arms to advance the Kingdom of God on this earth. Here are just some bullet point thoughts I walked out of a meeting with today:

  • The reality is, the parent churches should be extremely invested in the lives of their children. Think about it- babies don’t worry about their parents…

  • Typically the failure is the management of the personnel, not the personnel.

  • You don’t need commitment from volunteers; you need participation at whatever level they are willing to give.

  • Launching large and creating a big “splash” is essential in suburban church launches

  • The future of any church is the people not yet there.

  • Buying your volunteers a $50 steak dinner and asking them to invite a friend to church is better use of $ than a billboard campaign.

  • Greeters, ushers, etc. should be easily visible, even when their backs are turned.

  • The tipping point of any multi-site church is the investment and involvement of the senior pastor.

  • Strategy vs. Spontaneity… a whole blog post to come on that alone…

This has been random, this I know.Thoughts on Launching a Multi Site Churc


Sunday Set Lists 2/14/10

February 14th, 2010

Van Dyke Church, North Campus

Courage Camp: Part II

  • Sing, Sing, Sing – E – Tomlin

  • You’re Grace is Enough – E – Tomlin

  • Never Let Go – A – Redman

  • Made Me Glad – A – Hillsong

  • How He Loves – G – McMillan


Sunday SetLists 2/7/10

February 14th, 2010

Van Dyke Church, Lakeshore Campus

Courage Camp: Part I

Worship Leader - Jeff Calhoun

  • One Way - B

  • Glory to God Forever - B

  • My Savior, My God - D

  • You Alone Can Rescue - Bb - Special Music

  • Here I am to Worship - E

  • Amazed - E

  • Holy is the Lord - A

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Dive Worship School with Rita Springer

A few times a year Rita Springer hosts DIVE, a worship school. So here I am, in Charlotte NC with 10 other ladies. The truth is, I’m quite terrified. I don’t necessarily know why and I can’t point to this or that as sources of terror… I just get overwhelmed in groups of people when I don’t know anyone. Additionally, I just feel like a fish out of water in general as I don’t really fit the mold of those who are here also. However, that probably isn’t fair, because there are a handful of us actually that don’t fit “the mold.” Ok… the truth is that I still view the proper mold of a female worship leader as: dressed to the nines, perfect teeth, lots of make-up, strong southern drawl, really high heels, and a skirt-suit. That’s really unfair and I need to work through it… So the bottom line is, I don’t see myself as what has always been the image in my mind for a female worship leader. Not only do I not see myself that way… I am not that way… and I shouldn’t be that way… because that isn’t me or who I was created to be and one day I will be okay with that…

In my mind I came here to be a better worship leader… after this evening I think God brought me here to be a better me. I have been a bit removed from active prophetic giftings for the last couple of years. To be honest, in a lot of ways I don’t miss the prophetic because it was so abused and so misguided. It has become a platform for people to tell others what they want to say and to sign God’s name to it. That, to me… is gross. However, this evening, I was refreshed by Rita’s obedience to the prophetic. When I got to my room today I had a bag with some goodies and a card that Rita wrote before ever meeting me. I felt like my mail had been read and I was so reassured that I was in the right place.

For those of you who know my journey much or at all, you will see the beauty in these statements. Tonight, I sat with Rita for what seemed like hours, but was probably 30-40 minutes as she told me why God told her I was here. There is so much I want to share just from this evening, but the truth is I need to digest it first myself… So I will chew and then share later.