Heroes of Faith...

It has been a mark and tenant of the Christian faith that God has used and empowered His people through heroes of the faith. For Timothy it was Paul, for C.S. Lewis it was George MacDonald, and there are countless others. One of the great men who has influenced and shaped my faith died last night, August 10th after a battle with colon cancer. Roosevelt Hunter was an incredible communicator, gifted leader, loving father, and had one of the greatest senses of humor I have ever encountered.

I will never forget when Roosevelt was preaching during a Southeastern University fall revival and he trekked across the platform with numerous bags and luggage pieces, symbolizing the crap we carry around in our lives. He used clips from the movie The Incredibles as he ministered to a group of college students about living for God. I will never forget praying with Roosevelt after the last evening revival service that night. Rho stayed and prayed with every student that wanted to and we all worshiped late into the night in the brand new gym at Southeastern University. Roosevelt was a man of large stature and at one point he just laid across the floor so deep in worship- the Spirit of God was so strong in that place and watching Roosevelt worship was a moment that strengthened my faith.
Roosevelt's passion for cultural diversity and relevance in the campus realm is something that also inspired me as a person. He taught me the value of worshiping in different styles and communicating in various ways. Roosevelt was a man who spoke the truth in love in the face of difficult and complicated issues and situations.

One night, while I was working at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet in Orlando, FL , Eileen came in shopping with Trinity and Israel. We stood and talked for nearly an hour that evening as Eileen poured wisdom and grace into my heart and soul. Every encounter and moment I have shared with the Hunter family has been inspirational and encouraging. I am grateful for knowing Roosevelt and look forward to reuniting with him again on the other side of this life.

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Princess said...

I remember that night at revival. I just graduated in December, I feel so blessed to have heard him speak. He was still his wonderful, comical self and really brought a peace to everything he was going through. I'm so glad to have known him and Eileen.

Keeping them and his Detroit family in my prayers.

Beautiful post