Heroes of Faith Continued...

When I wrote my last blog entry, I had no intention of this becoming a multiple entry topic. However, I found out today that another great hero of my faith passed away in July. This man is someone that I only met once and had a handful of telephone calls with. However, when someone who's faith you know is deep, looks at you and tells you that you have a gift and an anointing that will change many lives- you tend not to forget that.
Jeff Yale was a unique man. Pastor Jeff was a music promoter and an advocate for today's youth. Pastor Jeff worked hard to introduce this generation to the love of Christ. I had the privileged of working with Pastor Jeff as an artist at Real Fest 2009. I had no idea he would go home to be with Jesus just a couple months later. It is my hope that the ministries and programs Jeff started will continue long after his life here on this earth and that his kids will be surrounded with love and hope from the community that so embraced their father.

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