Closing this Chapter...

The announcement was made yesterday, Sunday August 16th, during the 11:15 Collision Service that I have resigned as Worship Leader.

I tendered my resignation August 10, 2009. Here is a portion of that letter:

In the last 15 months at Mandarin United Methodist Church, I have learned and grown more than I would have ever anticipated or imagined.

After much prayer, counsel, and consideration I am submitting my resignation as Worship Leader at Mandarin United Methodist Church. It is my desire to leave in a positive and healthy manner. I want to honor God and His Church as I depart, assisting in the transition as much as desired and possible.

This transition and change has not been entered into lightly. I have a high ethic of supporting leadership with a full heart and no longer am able to exercise that here at Mandarin United Methodist Church. Please understand that I do not believe the vision held by the leadership is bad. They have a Godly vision that authentically matches their gifts, talents, experiences, and calling. Unfortunately, it is contrary to what God has gifted, equipped, and called me to do. Two visions: both good, but both very different. It is the moral and God honoring choice for me to step aside and let those God has placed at Mandarin United Methodist Church lead where they believe Christ wants and is calling the church to go. I have a great amount of love and confidence in and for the leadership here at Mandarin United Methodist Church.

It is my full desire to make this transition with honor and with excellence. I am grateful for the opportunities for growth and success that have been offered to me during this tenure. I am proud of the accomplishments, both personal and corporate, I have achieved. I am exiting with my head held high, knowing that God has been honored in my service to Mandarin United Methodist Church.

Q and A:

Q. Where are you going?

A. I have no idea! I have not accepted a position elsewhere at this point. God told me to resign and it is as simple as that. I know it may sound trite or nonsensical to many, but I have never been more sure about God's direction. I am praying and seeking God, trusting He will provide as He has directed my steps. I now have a lot of possible opportunities on the table, but am waiting on God's timing.

Q. When are you leaving?

A. August 30th will be my last Sunday.

Q. What's next for Collision?

A. The Staff Parish Relations Committee has not yet met to formulate a plan. I am working with them to help them with job descriptions and qualifications necessary to continue the work that has been started.

Q. Will there still be music at Collision?

A. Yes! I am working hard with the worship team to ensure they are as equipped as possible to continue forward.

Q. How can I help? What can I do?

A. The greatest help right now is that you would deeply pray for Collision and for the leadership of the church as they move forward. Pray that the perfect person for the job will be found. Pray for the worship team as they continue to plan and discern God's will for the service. Your prayers for me as I am looking for the next place to lead worship are greatly appreciated.

I love the people of Collision and Mandarin UMC dearly. This is not an easy decision for me to make and I will miss the people and this place tremendously. Mandarin UMC has become my home and it is difficult always, to leave home.

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