Closing this Chapter...

The announcement was made yesterday, Sunday August 16th, during the 11:15 Collision Service that I have resigned as Worship Leader.

I tendered my resignation August 10, 2009. Here is a portion of that letter:

In the last 15 months at Mandarin United Methodist Church, I have learned and grown more than I would have ever anticipated or imagined.

After much prayer, counsel, and consideration I am submitting my resignation as Worship Leader at Mandarin United Methodist Church. It is my desire to leave in a positive and healthy manner. I want to honor God and His Church as I depart, assisting in the transition as much as desired and possible.

This transition and change has not been entered into lightly. I have a high ethic of supporting leadership with a full heart and no longer am able to exercise that here at Mandarin United Methodist Church. Please understand that I do not believe the vision held by the leadership is bad. They have a Godly vision that authentically matches their gifts, talents, experiences, and calling. Unfortunately, it is contrary to what God has gifted, equipped, and called me to do. Two visions: both good, but both very different. It is the moral and God honoring choice for me to step aside and let those God has placed at Mandarin United Methodist Church lead where they believe Christ wants and is calling the church to go. I have a great amount of love and confidence in and for the leadership here at Mandarin United Methodist Church.

It is my full desire to make this transition with honor and with excellence. I am grateful for the opportunities for growth and success that have been offered to me during this tenure. I am proud of the accomplishments, both personal and corporate, I have achieved. I am exiting with my head held high, knowing that God has been honored in my service to Mandarin United Methodist Church.

Q and A:

Q. Where are you going?

A. I have no idea! I have not accepted a position elsewhere at this point. God told me to resign and it is as simple as that. I know it may sound trite or nonsensical to many, but I have never been more sure about God's direction. I am praying and seeking God, trusting He will provide as He has directed my steps. I now have a lot of possible opportunities on the table, but am waiting on God's timing.

Q. When are you leaving?

A. August 30th will be my last Sunday.

Q. What's next for Collision?

A. The Staff Parish Relations Committee has not yet met to formulate a plan. I am working with them to help them with job descriptions and qualifications necessary to continue the work that has been started.

Q. Will there still be music at Collision?

A. Yes! I am working hard with the worship team to ensure they are as equipped as possible to continue forward.

Q. How can I help? What can I do?

A. The greatest help right now is that you would deeply pray for Collision and for the leadership of the church as they move forward. Pray that the perfect person for the job will be found. Pray for the worship team as they continue to plan and discern God's will for the service. Your prayers for me as I am looking for the next place to lead worship are greatly appreciated.

I love the people of Collision and Mandarin UMC dearly. This is not an easy decision for me to make and I will miss the people and this place tremendously. Mandarin UMC has become my home and it is difficult always, to leave home.


Sunday Setlist 08/16/09

Alrighty! I am back- it has been a couple months since I have posted to the Sunday Setlist Carnival. This Sunday was our first service in the new Worship Center in the New Community Family Life Center. It was awesome! Just to work with equipment that does what it is supposed to was thrilling!

As great of a day as it was, it was also a sad day as well. We took a few minutes to honor Anna (keys/bg vox), Korey (drums), and Ryan (bass) for the last two years+ that they have poured into the Collision Service. They all graduated from High School and are off to college, so it was our last Sunday playing together. It was also announced that I have tendered my resignation at Mandain United Methodist Church as Worship Leader and My last Sunday will be August 30th 2009. I will be posting a seperate blog about that soon.

Walk In Music
-Solution - Hillsong United - Key of B
Worship Set
-I Know Who I Am - Houghton/Tomlin - Key of A
-Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall - Key of E
-Enough - Chris Tomlin - Key of E
Closing Song/Walk Out Music
-Everyone - Desperation Band - Key of E

God is awesome and I am continually amazed at His love. See ya next week!

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Beach Bum

My nephew was on the move in Sanibel Island. I absolutely adore this picture of Caleb and wanted to share... This little man holds my heart!

Heroes of Faith Continued...

When I wrote my last blog entry, I had no intention of this becoming a multiple entry topic. However, I found out today that another great hero of my faith passed away in July. This man is someone that I only met once and had a handful of telephone calls with. However, when someone who's faith you know is deep, looks at you and tells you that you have a gift and an anointing that will change many lives- you tend not to forget that.
Jeff Yale was a unique man. Pastor Jeff was a music promoter and an advocate for today's youth. Pastor Jeff worked hard to introduce this generation to the love of Christ. I had the privileged of working with Pastor Jeff as an artist at Real Fest 2009. I had no idea he would go home to be with Jesus just a couple months later. It is my hope that the ministries and programs Jeff started will continue long after his life here on this earth and that his kids will be surrounded with love and hope from the community that so embraced their father.


Heroes of Faith...

It has been a mark and tenant of the Christian faith that God has used and empowered His people through heroes of the faith. For Timothy it was Paul, for C.S. Lewis it was George MacDonald, and there are countless others. One of the great men who has influenced and shaped my faith died last night, August 10th after a battle with colon cancer. Roosevelt Hunter was an incredible communicator, gifted leader, loving father, and had one of the greatest senses of humor I have ever encountered.

I will never forget when Roosevelt was preaching during a Southeastern University fall revival and he trekked across the platform with numerous bags and luggage pieces, symbolizing the crap we carry around in our lives. He used clips from the movie The Incredibles as he ministered to a group of college students about living for God. I will never forget praying with Roosevelt after the last evening revival service that night. Rho stayed and prayed with every student that wanted to and we all worshiped late into the night in the brand new gym at Southeastern University. Roosevelt was a man of large stature and at one point he just laid across the floor so deep in worship- the Spirit of God was so strong in that place and watching Roosevelt worship was a moment that strengthened my faith.
Roosevelt's passion for cultural diversity and relevance in the campus realm is something that also inspired me as a person. He taught me the value of worshiping in different styles and communicating in various ways. Roosevelt was a man who spoke the truth in love in the face of difficult and complicated issues and situations.

One night, while I was working at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet in Orlando, FL , Eileen came in shopping with Trinity and Israel. We stood and talked for nearly an hour that evening as Eileen poured wisdom and grace into my heart and soul. Every encounter and moment I have shared with the Hunter family has been inspirational and encouraging. I am grateful for knowing Roosevelt and look forward to reuniting with him again on the other side of this life.


Return to the Blogging World...

This is my return to the blogging world. (As the title would imply.) I let the business of the day-to-day overwhelm me and stiffle my creativity. But "no more," I say. I am back, back, back... back on track...

I am committing to writing one song, designing two
graphics and reading one book each month.

Here is July in review for that journey:

Beautiful Maker
Beautiful maker, wonderful savior
You created life in the palm of your hand

Majestic creator, merciful sustainer
You hold my life in the palm of you hand

I can't stop singing your praises
And I won't stop speaking your truth
I can't stop singing your praises
And I won't stop worshiping you

I love you, for you loved me first
And your grace is too much for words
I love you, for you loved me first
And you alone are too great for words

Life's Healing Choices by John Baker