02-08-2009 Collision

The Words of Jesus
Jason Renault
A Part of Fred Mckinnon's Blog Carnival

Have you ever had a church service where you know you ticked some people off or upset them- just a bit, of course- but they got the point? I think that would be how I would describe this morning's service. Basically, we printed a mostly blank bulletin and Jason delivered a monologue from Jesus' POV about how he was leaving... but for the first several minutes the monologue might have sounded a bit like Jason was leaving. We might have also played into this reality a little in our dealings with people... but it was all to make a point. :) And it wasn't my idea... haha!!

Worship Set:
Marvelous Light- Charlie Hall – E
Hosanna – Brooke Fraser – E
Amazed- Desperation Band- D
The More I Seek You- Zach Neese- D
*Closing- Here With You- Seventh Day Slumber- C

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