01-25-2008 Collision

Worship Recap
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Sermon: Pray Like Jesus Part 4

Missy came in with us today and continued our series on prayer. She did an awesome job of helping explain and walk through Christ's example in the High Priestly Prayer. She talked about how in praying we find our identity and it is in the DNA of our identity that prayer continues. She said it far more eloquently... but basically she brought the series to a very necessary moment in helping our people realize that we aren't praying because we should or because we committed to, but because it is who we are. Everyone was encouraged to never pray out of guilt. It was good... but I'm just not capturing it here, so listen to the podcast... :)

Worship Set:
Sing, Sing, Sing- Chris Tomlin - E
Because of Your Love- Paul Baloche- E
Your Love is Amazing- E
New Doxology- Gateway- E

We ended the last chorus of Sing, Sing, Sing and Korey gave us the 1 and the two real heavy with kick, snare and floor tom as we kicked into the yeah's on Because of Your Love. It worked very well! New Doxology is always a hit- really bridges the gap of Collision in our effort to combine tradition and today.

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