01-11-2008 Collision

Worship Recap
A Part of Fred Mckinnon's Blog Carnival

Sermon: Pray Like Jesus Part 2

Today we continued our series on prayer. I can tell that even after a week, God is moving and changing people's hearts. I am seeing people take steps toward God and ownership of Collision as a whole. There is a fresh breath breathing through our people! I had a bit of a choke/cough attack and the vocalists did a great job covering me on Mighty to Save. Thank God it isn't about me! Worship was really good today as was the whole service. We had a big crowd today which was encouraging- I think people are really getting excited about this series on prayer. I closed up with Your Love is Strong by Jon Foreman- a great song!

Worship Set:
Everyone- Desperation Band- E
Hosanna- Paul Baloche- E
Mighty to Save- Brooke Fraser- G
The Stand- Hillsong United- G
(thanks Fred, totally swiped your idea on merging these two and it was awesome)

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Fred F. McKinnon said...

Awesome - that's why I love the collaboration we have on Sunday Setlists. I wish I could say I was the genius that came up with that medley, but I ripped it off from Travis Jones in Dallas, TX!

PS: Pretty sure you would've heard about it by now, but I hope you'll consider joining us in the big group discussion on "Pure Praise", a heartfelt study on worship. We'll be discussing each day's lesson together in the forums at http://www.theworshipcommunity.com/forums/

More details here:

Come join us!
For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Michelle Weger said...

Fred- thanks for letting me know about the forum- I will check it out!

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

So many of my favs were done today.
Love it that worship leaders inspire other worship leaders at Sunday Set List. It inspires me.

Rick said...

I love that Baloche song! We don't do it often enough. Thanks for posting how your service went. I love reading how the rest of the Body of Christ worships every week.

Louise Knight said...

Thanks for posting. I'm wanting to look into using The Stand this coming week. It's a new one for us but they like it and seem to connect. We haven't done it for a while.

johnnysierra said...

Awesome setlist Michelle! Love Mighty to Save. Great song!

Steffanie Oltmans said...

Hey we did "Everyone" this week also! We have done the song a lot but this week it had more energy and response then it has in along time.

Gary Durbin said...

Your Love is Strong...is that song amazing, or what? Great set.

David said...

I love the sharing of ideas this setlist carnival inspires - I just can't wait to get into it with my team when we're all back from summer holidays!

Sounds like you had a great week at Collision Michelle :-)

Russell Martin said...

I think "Mighty To Save" is my favorite song that I haven't done yet. I think.. "we should do that" and then I forget about it. Thanks for the reminder.