01-25-2008 Collision

Worship Recap
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Sermon: Pray Like Jesus Part 4

Missy came in with us today and continued our series on prayer. She did an awesome job of helping explain and walk through Christ's example in the High Priestly Prayer. She talked about how in praying we find our identity and it is in the DNA of our identity that prayer continues. She said it far more eloquently... but basically she brought the series to a very necessary moment in helping our people realize that we aren't praying because we should or because we committed to, but because it is who we are. Everyone was encouraged to never pray out of guilt. It was good... but I'm just not capturing it here, so listen to the podcast... :)

Worship Set:
Sing, Sing, Sing- Chris Tomlin - E
Because of Your Love- Paul Baloche- E
Your Love is Amazing- E
New Doxology- Gateway- E

We ended the last chorus of Sing, Sing, Sing and Korey gave us the 1 and the two real heavy with kick, snare and floor tom as we kicked into the yeah's on Because of Your Love. It worked very well! New Doxology is always a hit- really bridges the gap of Collision in our effort to combine tradition and today.

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01-18-2008 Collision

Worship Recap
A Part of Fred Mckinnon's Blog Carnival

Sermon: Pray Like Jesus Part 3

Today we continued our series on prayer. First of all... I made a big error...

I re-routed the soundboard output to the CD recording so that the audio could be adjusted by channel and not just dump the main mix on the CD- because with monitors and acoustics that you hear in the room the main mix isn't CD appropriate most times. However... as I set all the new channels... I failed to set the levels for Jason's mic... I am currently trying to work some magic and get that audio recovered- otherwise... Jason will be talking to himself for about 25 minutes to re-record it. Ooops..... Won't make that mistake twice.

Otherwise, it was an incredible service and the video from the prayers (see older post) was incredible! The stories of how people are being affected amaze me... constantly.

Worship Set:
Because of Your Love- Paul Baloche- E
Not to Us- Chris Tomlin - E
Never Let Go- Matt Redman- G

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Your Prayers Around Town...

Last week at Collision, we asked for everyone to write down what they were praying for and then to check off a box and let us know if we could use their anonymous prayer for a project the following week. Tons of people participated and allowed us the privileged of their prayers. As we sat in our leadership meeting Tuesday night we were all just taken back by the heaviness and depth of each prayer. We spent time praying over them and then the next day I began working on a video using the prayers. The video was simple in that it was just the text of the prayers scrolling up the screen, but the audio was not simple.

Gwyn went with me around town as I recorded sound bytes of people from the community reading the prayers of our community. I was blown away by what was shared and offered to me in doing this. I met people who were going through difficult times, experiencing loss, and finding themselves at the end of broken relationships. I had people read prayers and then thank me because they "needed to pray that." It was such a privilege to minister to our community- without even trying! I never thought that this would have the impact on each person that it did. More than anything, it made people stop and think about praying- no matter where in the journey they are or what sort of journey they are on.

I am praying for each person I had the privilege of connecting with today...

I am praying for Karen and remembering Amanda.
I am praying for the man waiting to be served divorce papers.
I am praying for the lady who has just come out of a bad relationship.
I am praying for the woman who just lost her dog.
I am praying for the 4 year old little boy who just lost his mom to cancer.
I am praying for the guy that has been so wounded by the church.
I am praying for the family that just left their church after 15 years.
I am praying for our community.


01-11-2008 Collision

Worship Recap
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Sermon: Pray Like Jesus Part 2

Today we continued our series on prayer. I can tell that even after a week, God is moving and changing people's hearts. I am seeing people take steps toward God and ownership of Collision as a whole. There is a fresh breath breathing through our people! I had a bit of a choke/cough attack and the vocalists did a great job covering me on Mighty to Save. Thank God it isn't about me! Worship was really good today as was the whole service. We had a big crowd today which was encouraging- I think people are really getting excited about this series on prayer. I closed up with Your Love is Strong by Jon Foreman- a great song!

Worship Set:
Everyone- Desperation Band- E
Hosanna- Paul Baloche- E
Mighty to Save- Brooke Fraser- G
The Stand- Hillsong United- G
(thanks Fred, totally swiped your idea on merging these two and it was awesome)

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Website is up!

Alrighty- after months of saying it needed to be done... The Collision website is here! Please check it out at www.collisionmumc.com. The blog for the prayer series can be linked to directly from there. The church website is also accessible from the site and visa versa. Any thoughts, comments, or feedback on the layout and design- please shoot it my way! It is a work in progress, so let me know. Enjoy!


01-04-2009 Collision

Worship Recap
A Part of Fred Mckinnon's Blog Carnival

Sermon: Pray Like Jesus Part 1

Today we began the new year with a new series entitled Pray Like Jesus. I am really excited about this series and feel like it will be a catalyst moment for Collision. Today a lot of people committed to spend 30 minutes in prayer daily! This is incredible- it is in commitments like this that lives are transformed. We are going to be running a blog to keep up with what God is doing for these next 30 days.

Worship Set:
Hosanna- Paul Baloche- E
O Praise Him- David Crowder- E
How Great Is Our God- Chris Tomlin- E
Chorus of How Great Thou Art- E

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