Hanging of the Greens

Last night was my first go at the church's Hanging of the Greens service. It was such an encouraging evening, watching everyone decorate the sanctuary and enjoy each others company. I was a little disappointed not to have had the opportunity to participate in the service musically. I think the Collision worship team would have done an excellent job leading in a song or two- maybe next year. Instead I ran the helm of the sound booth and from a technical perspective executed a perfect service.

whole day was a bit interesting technically. I got a phone call at 7am that the regular sound guy wouldn't be there. When I arrived at the church to get things going at 8am, I discovered that the sound system and the projector were both not working. Apparently they had been experiencing some power surges and such. It took me until half way through the first service to get the sound up and then it wasn't until after the last service that Gary could get the ladder out and reset the projector. Thankfully, that is all the problem was and it wasn't permanently damaged.

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