Crazy Christmas Weekend!!

So this weekend was absolutely insane, but incredibly rewarding. Here's the rundown:

Josh and Coty came into town and joined up with Mat and Carla and I as we played for the City Rescue Mission's Christmas Party. This was a blast. The show started at 6 and we wrapped up around 7 with "I'll Fly Away." I've never seen a room full of people more excited about a song. It was awesome!

After we broke down and packed up (I had to provide PA) Kathi and Gwyn and I headed over to Murray Hill Theatre to see Coming This Fall play for Rock for the Rescue- a benefit concert for the City Rescue Mission. It was really a great time. See- Korey, who plays drums for Collision on Sunday mornings, plays guitar for CTF. It was great to be able to support him and cheer him on! They had an awesome show.

I got home around 11:30 and proceeded to hang out with my company... the good hostess that I am (haha). Finally retired around 1:30am.

I had a miserable headache Friday night so on the way home I chose not to stop by the church and set a CD out for the men's prayer breakfast, but determined I would do that in the morning. Stupid me.

I awoke at 6am to be at the church by 6:45, unsure of whether the breakfast started at 7 or 7:30. Of course it was 7:30. I then went down to Famous Amos (amazing homecooked food) for some panfried breakfast goodness, followed by a brief nap upstairs in the youth room before Cantata rehearsal at 9:30am. Rehearsal was good... minus the part where I jumped the chorus and got "the look" from Sandy as I quickly got back in line. :)

Kathi then helped me setup chairs and tables for tonight's Coffee House.

Next Stop: The Avenues Mall. Here I was looking for an outfit for the cantata and seeing Josh and Coty off after a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Well... after trying on everything Ann Taylor had to offer, we headed for lunch with no purchases made. We were with Kathi and her daughter (8) and her neice (4ish) and nephew (2). The poor nephew got tripped and busted his lip, so I was playing mom to him trying to get that under control... we got back out to keep waiting for a table just in time for the 8 year old to accidentally spill water in his lap which sent him into meltdown. (Really unimportant details, but they just helped color in the weekend.)

Kathi dropped me back off at the church and I continued setting up for the Coffee House that would start at 8pm tonight. I left there at 3:30pm ran home, swung by Kohls and bought a shrt, did some miraculous ironing, straightened my hair, did my make-up, and was off for the cantata. First I helped get the band for the Coffee House loaded in. Then I got a call to report to the sanctuary where I was informed that the music director hadd changed the key of my song (6pm). This was a good thing becuase by the 5th key change of "My Grown Up Christmas List" in Eb, it was pushing my range. However, I am a creature of habit and I'd been singing through the song all week starting in Eb, so I was a bit thrown.

7pm: Cantata a.k.a. mild personal disaster.
Really it wasn't that bad, but I couldn't remember the last line to the chorus... at all. I made it through and to someone who didn't know the song and wasn't musically inclined... it would have been okay.

8pm: Coffee House; here we hosted Experiment Theory (a.k.a. The Dundies) and Steve Collum. It was a great night- the music was excellent and it was one of our biggest crowds. I left the church at 10:45pm after breaking down and was in bed by 11:30pm.

Sundays are usually chaotic, so this was not too much in and of itself, but the combo was potent. I arrived on the scene at 6:45am (again) to finish up bulletins, videos, and to get the stage setup. 7:30am, run through of my song with Sandy... flawless. I was in the sanctuary at 8am. Show started at 8:15am- I sang pretty well. I was still pretty nervous, but did well overall.

Then, I headed over to the fellowship hall to have worship practice for Collision. That went well and then I swung in the sanctuary to see how things were going for the 9:45 service. All was well so I caught a few alone minutes in my office to detox. I was then in the sanctuary at 10:55am for the final run of the Cantata. This was my homerun. The Kings Kids (7-10ish in age?) sang 365 days of christmas first and then sat on the steps as I came out and sang to them. My favorite part of this recipe was that for this final time I had two of the little boys turning around and sticking their tongues out at me. Hysterical. It was all I could do to not die laughing. I guess it is true that what goes around comes around... I should write apology letters to my old music directors!

Finally, I slid into Collision at about 11:25, just in time to catch my breath and begin worship, which went really well.

1pm- Lunch at Moe's with Kathi, Kerri, and the Kids.

2pm- Home watching football with Judah.

4pm- went to Kerri's and made Christmas cookies, pizza, and fajitas with the kids. It was a trip. I broke her blender and so she had to go buy a new one. Coincidentally she forgot to buy several ingredients for the Neiman Marcus Cookies and so we had to half the recipe, which really was fine because it still made over 50 cookies.

11pm- sleep.


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