Christmas Eve

Well, it is Christmas Day and I am heading home from the church. This was my first Christmas Eve at MUMC and five services later, I am wiped. It was really neat for me to see all the diversity that took place in the different services. This is the run down:

4pm- Children's Service; chaotic and totally fun! They did a retelling of the Christmas story withthe kids silently acting out the parts as the story was read. I did some graphics and ran the booth for this service. It was really fun and everything went very well.
6pm- Carols and Hymns; I wasn't at this service save the beginning because I was doing a final runthrough with the Collision team.
7:15- Collision; this was a cool moment for me. We did an original narrative of the Christmas story called, "I Can Hear You," with songs interwoven. I wrote monologues for various people that were a part of the original Christmas story and then interfaced it with the voice of today, trying to understand and believe. Jason was with his family so we did a Rob-Bell-Ish video of Jason teaching, that turned out amazing. We had a record high attendance and people were truly affected.
8pm- Communion- I just caught the last of this service after Collision finished up.
11pm- Carols and Communion- I did the Advent reading for this service, which was cool. Kathi, Gwyn, Kerri, and Jay showed up and sat on the front row with me. It was a fun time and the service ended by candlelight outdoors singing Silent Night and Joy to the World.
(these are my summations, not the church's)

I will now go home and sleep and then drive to my parents' for Christmas, where I will stay through New Years.

Merry Christmas!

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KD said...

We attended the Collision service on Christmas Eve and it was VERY moving. I felt the Spirit moving among us and was very touched by Michelle's singing.