Fake it 'til you make it...

So this afternoon I had a gentleman from the church come by my office asking if I could record something on a CD for him. As I listened I realized he was wanting me to play piano from a Wee Sing songbook for kids and record it. See, here's a little secret about me... I can read sheet music and I know theory extremely well, however playing a piece of sheet music on the piano, beyond faking it with chords- no-can-do. Not at this point anyways, or without weeks of effort. I immediately agreed to do it and I guess imagined I'd figure something out, or bribe someone else into it.

It might be surprising that I have a few other things to do than spend weeks learning to play "Down In My Heart" (I've got the joy, joy, joy...) on the piano. So I wondered what role GarageBand could play in this... Indeed, let me tell you that I love GarageBand. Because I could play each part separate (you know, left hand then the right hand) I could totally hack it. Then, I cut and paste a little intro and viola! A masterpiece.

Take a listen!

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Melinda said...

All I can say is... hahahahahaha!!!!! :) That's great!