11-16-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Hope Lives: Week 4

This morning was another great service as we journey through Hope Lives. This morning was also loyalty Sunday and so congregation members were challenged
to make a commitment to support the ministry of the church as God was leading them. The sermon was about Nehemiah and how Nehemiah walked after the dream God put in him to affect the world, despite the circumstances. The challenge was, "What dreams, that God placed in you, have you hit the kill switch on?" I don't know about you, but personally I don't even need anyone else to be a "dream killer" for me- I am really good at doing it myself. However, God has such a gentle hand that will time and time again lead us to pick them back up. This morning's service reminded me of a Fragrant Oil (Rita Springer) conference I attended back in 05. That was the one and only women's conference I've ever been to- it was incredible.

Worship Set:
Let God Arise- Chris Tomlin- Key of B
Your Grace is Enough- Matt Maher- Key of E
The More I Seek You- Zach Neese- Key of E

We closed out the service with 5 prayer stations. One was a table with a bowl of rice. People were asked to run their hands through the rice and pray for the hungry. The second was a table with band-aids and markers on it. People were asked to write the name of a person or group that they would commit to pray for on the band-aid and to take it with them. The third was a table with salt. People were asked to taste the salt and to meditate on what it meant to be the salt of the earth. In Nehemiah, God showed us the power of one, but in the New Testament Christ shows the power of many with His vision for His church. The fourth table had pledge cards on it for people to pray and consider the commitment God was calling them to in supporting the ministries of the church. The fifth table was our communion table.

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thejonmorris said...

gotta love me some Let God Arise. did it this sunday during the offering time...peeps ate it up.

thejonmorris said...

linking to your blogroll

Amanda said...

Sounds like a good sermon! I need to read some Nehemiah soon!

Steff said...

I love "The more I seek You" great song.