11-23-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Hope Lives: Week 5

So this morning we wrapped up our Hope Lives series, and what an amazing journey it has been! It is so amazing to see people genuinely affected by the compassion of Christ that they are moved to do something. I am looking forward to the true culmination of this series next Saturday. Next Saturday, November 29th, Collision is hosting a "Free Sale."
Basically, this is a yard sale where everything is free. In a time when so many are struggling so significantly, I believe this will be an amazing "no-strings-attached" event for our community.

Worship Set:
Solution- Hillsong United- Key of B
Everyone- Desperation Band- Key of E
Mighty to Save- Hillsong- Key of G
Fire Fall Down- Hillsong- Key of E (never made it to this one)

So this morning's fun adventure was that the batteries in my guitar died between practice and worship. One of these days I am going to remember to unplug it between the two. Oh well- gotta love the Expression System. It made for a bit of a rough go at this being that my acoustic is currently the driving instrument. However, it was kind of nice not to have to think about playing! :) I could strum anything because no one could hear it! But I think it also gave the band a chance to gauge their confidence.

I closed out the series with "Hope Now" by Addison Road, who I actually saw in concert the night before- which was kind of odd.

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Steff said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks like a great set as well, lots of Hillsong stuff you can't go wrong there.