11-30-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: God's Answer to Despair is Hope

This morning we began our Advent series and a new series entitle "Answers." This morning's service was a great look at preparing our hearts for the work Christ wants to do in us. A good reminder that our Hope is in Christ. We're using the Bluefish Advent Videos. I think they do a really good job of explaining the reason for Advent and are great launching pads for the candle lighting and service as a whole.

Worship Set:
O' Praise Him- David Crowder- Key of E
How Great is Our God- Chris Tomlin- Key of E
Prepare the Way- Charlie Hall- Key of E
Jesus Messiah- Chris Tomlin- Key of B (closed with this one)

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11-23-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Hope Lives: Week 5

So this morning we wrapped up our Hope Lives series, and what an amazing journey it has been! It is so amazing to see people genuinely affected by the compassion of Christ that they are moved to do something. I am looking forward to the true culmination of this series next Saturday. Next Saturday, November 29th, Collision is hosting a "Free Sale."
Basically, this is a yard sale where everything is free. In a time when so many are struggling so significantly, I believe this will be an amazing "no-strings-attached" event for our community.

Worship Set:
Solution- Hillsong United- Key of B
Everyone- Desperation Band- Key of E
Mighty to Save- Hillsong- Key of G
Fire Fall Down- Hillsong- Key of E (never made it to this one)

So this morning's fun adventure was that the batteries in my guitar died between practice and worship. One of these days I am going to remember to unplug it between the two. Oh well- gotta love the Expression System. It made for a bit of a rough go at this being that my acoustic is currently the driving instrument. However, it was kind of nice not to have to think about playing! :) I could strum anything because no one could hear it! But I think it also gave the band a chance to gauge their confidence.

I closed out the series with "Hope Now" by Addison Road, who I actually saw in concert the night before- which was kind of odd.

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11-16-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Hope Lives: Week 4

This morning was another great service as we journey through Hope Lives. This morning was also loyalty Sunday and so congregation members were challenged
to make a commitment to support the ministry of the church as God was leading them. The sermon was about Nehemiah and how Nehemiah walked after the dream God put in him to affect the world, despite the circumstances. The challenge was, "What dreams, that God placed in you, have you hit the kill switch on?" I don't know about you, but personally I don't even need anyone else to be a "dream killer" for me- I am really good at doing it myself. However, God has such a gentle hand that will time and time again lead us to pick them back up. This morning's service reminded me of a Fragrant Oil (Rita Springer) conference I attended back in 05. That was the one and only women's conference I've ever been to- it was incredible.

Worship Set:
Let God Arise- Chris Tomlin- Key of B
Your Grace is Enough- Matt Maher- Key of E
The More I Seek You- Zach Neese- Key of E

We closed out the service with 5 prayer stations. One was a table with a bowl of rice. People were asked to run their hands through the rice and pray for the hungry. The second was a table with band-aids and markers on it. People were asked to write the name of a person or group that they would commit to pray for on the band-aid and to take it with them. The third was a table with salt. People were asked to taste the salt and to meditate on what it meant to be the salt of the earth. In Nehemiah, God showed us the power of one, but in the New Testament Christ shows the power of many with His vision for His church. The fourth table had pledge cards on it for people to pray and consider the commitment God was calling them to in supporting the ministries of the church. The fifth table was our communion table.

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11-09-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Hope Lives: Week 3

What an incredible morning. Today we conitnued our Hope Lives series
and talked about extinguishing the spirit of poverty. I don't know about you, but I don't think of my self as being impoverished. However when you speak of poverty as hanging on to what you have for fear of losing it or having nothing... well, guilty. It is a well known fact among my friends that I like stuff. I love buying new toys. However, when you realize that with the money Americans spend in a year on ice cream we could nearly extinguish world hunger... that's a wake up call. As a challenge and response we encouraged people to give from their need- to give something they had right now. Tons of people walked out barefoot or without their jackets. It was a cool sight looking across the chairs and seeing people's stuff just laying there- people who wore their best and their nicest for church. I could see it in everyone's eyes that they didn't just hear words this morning, but that they understood that our world is not the world and that God is not impressed by our accumulation of wealth.

Worship Set:
Let God Arise- Chris Tomlin- Key of B
Rescue- Michelle Weger- Key of G
Lead Me to the Cross- Brooke Fraser- Key of G

We transitioned Rescue into the bridge of Lead me to the Cross, so we went from "a hand that's reaching out to you," to "to your heart, lead me to your heart." It was a very fluid transition. This was also our first swing at Let God Arise- the band sounded great on this... if I could just remember all the words to a song once and a while... I'm sure glad it isn't about me or my abilities.

Also, David Ashley an artist who played for our coffee house last night stayed and shared with us this morning. It was awesome, he closed the service out with Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer- which was very tasteful and timely. We were blessed to have him.

Tonight I got to lead worship with my sister- which was AWESOME!!! I hope she joins the carnival because she put a really good set together last night, full of new and old.

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Fake it 'til you make it...

So this afternoon I had a gentleman from the church come by my office asking if I could record something on a CD for him. As I listened I realized he was wanting me to play piano from a Wee Sing songbook for kids and record it. See, here's a little secret about me... I can read sheet music and I know theory extremely well, however playing a piece of sheet music on the piano, beyond faking it with chords- no-can-do. Not at this point anyways, or without weeks of effort. I immediately agreed to do it and I guess imagined I'd figure something out, or bribe someone else into it.

It might be surprising that I have a few other things to do than spend weeks learning to play "Down In My Heart" (I've got the joy, joy, joy...) on the piano. So I wondered what role GarageBand could play in this... Indeed, let me tell you that I love GarageBand. Because I could play each part separate (you know, left hand then the right hand) I could totally hack it. Then, I cut and paste a little intro and viola! A masterpiece.

Take a listen!


11-02-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Hope Lives: Week 2

First of all- IT IS NOVEMBER. I don't know if the catches anyone else by surprise, but it sure did me. I also enjoyed my extra hour of life when I realized that it wasn't 8am but rather 7am. Oh the joys when humans trick themselves with Daylight Savings Time. It was entertaining seeing people show up for the contemporary service only to be a few minutes late for the traditional service. (It was then that I pretended that nothing similar happened to me a few hours previous.) This morning we continued a series entitled Hope Lives. We talked about the story of John Newton and God's Amazing Grace. The theme for this week is For Such a Time as This. I feel like this series is already beginning to produce change in people. As for worship it was apparently Chris Tomlin week! :)

Worship Set:
Sing, Sing, Sing- Chris Tomlin- Key of E
Holy is the Lord- Chris Tomlin- Key of E
Jesus Messiah- Chris Tomlin- Key of B
Amazing Grace- Chris Tomlin- Key of B

We transitioned Sing Sing Sing into the pre-chorus of Holy is the Lord, which was a cool switch and then hung on the B at the end of Holy is the Lord to begin the build into the chorus of Jesus Messiah, which then flowed right into Amazing Grace, which I also ended the service with just on the keys.

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