Fall Family Service

Last night we had our Fall Family Service themed, "Harvest the Light." This was my second "family service" since I came on staff here, and it was a blast. It is so fun to see all of the children and families gather to celebrate Christ. I think my favorite part, as always, was the Cherub Choir. This is our 2-3 year old age group. I love that there is always those couple kids who are entirely distracted and never sing a word... I have a feeling that was me.

Pastor Missy spoke and as she spoke several youth performed a drama behind her. It was a quick word that was really about sanctification, personified through a pumpkin. At the beginning the pumpkins were dirty and plain but by the end they were clean, beautifully carved, and filled with light- just as you and I are shaped and filled with the light of Christ. I thought it was a very powerful teaching on a subject that seems simple at the surface.
The service was concluded by having Cider outside. See- when I moved to Jacksonville nobody told me that it skips Fall up here and dives into Winter, so I did not brave the outdoors for cider... not to mention I had to help clean up the sanctuary.

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