10-05-08 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Crave - Acceptance

This morning Curran continued our Soul Cravings series by talking about our craving for acceptance.

Worship Set:
Everyone- Desperation Band- Key of E
Not to Us- Chris Tomlin- Key of E
Free to Worship- Lakewood- Key of E
Draw Me Close- Kelly Carpenter- Key of A

I really enjoyed playing Free to Worship- we have a lot of polishing to do on that song, but the lyrics are so solid and really connect with my heart. I look forward to pulling it out again in a week or so. We closed the service with "Perfect" by Alanis Morisette. The band did an awesome job with this one. We planned to lead into the song with a video clip from Center Stage, but time just didn't allow.

The recording from the service showed a "recording error" so I'm not sure we'll get any audio up...

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HL said...

NIce set. I lead worship at our Emerging service which we now call a missional service. It's called "vine" is part of First Presbyterian Church here in Lakeland, FL