Fall Family Service

Last night we had our Fall Family Service themed, "Harvest the Light." This was my second "family service" since I came on staff here, and it was a blast. It is so fun to see all of the children and families gather to celebrate Christ. I think my favorite part, as always, was the Cherub Choir. This is our 2-3 year old age group. I love that there is always those couple kids who are entirely distracted and never sing a word... I have a feeling that was me.

Pastor Missy spoke and as she spoke several youth performed a drama behind her. It was a quick word that was really about sanctification, personified through a pumpkin. At the beginning the pumpkins were dirty and plain but by the end they were clean, beautifully carved, and filled with light- just as you and I are shaped and filled with the light of Christ. I thought it was a very powerful teaching on a subject that seems simple at the surface.
The service was concluded by having Cider outside. See- when I moved to Jacksonville nobody told me that it skips Fall up here and dives into Winter, so I did not brave the outdoors for cider... not to mention I had to help clean up the sanctuary.


10-26-2008 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Hope Lives: Week 1

First of all, it is my sister's birthday- so Happy Birthday Melinda.

In other news:
This morning we began a series entitled Hope Lives. It is put togethe
r by Group publishing and Compassion International. I am really excited about this series leading up to Thanksgiving. This is our first real look at social justice since I have been here. We were without a drummer this morning, which was a bummer- but otherwise everything was clicking.

Worship Set:
Blessed Be Your Name- Tree 63- Key of G
Mighty to Save- Hillsong- Key of G
Lead Me to the Cross- Brooke Fraser- Key of G
No Sweeter Name- Gateway- Key of G

I closed out the service on the keys with No Sacrifice by Jason Upton.

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10-19-08 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: MeChurch

Today Jason preached a sermon on what it means to be the church. The
question was, what do we want our kids to see when they come into worship? I not having any kids, could still see the impact of this question. Jason shared that his hope would be for his three kids to see worship as a room full of people with their hearts prostrate before God. I know it is so easy for me to get caught up in the details that I miss so many opportunities to truly connect with my Savior.

Worship Set:
Marvelous Light- Charlie Hall- Key of E
How Great is Our God- Chris Tomlin- Key of E
Freedom Reigns- Rita Springer- Key of E
New Doxology- Gateway- Key of E

Here are some of the videos that we used this morning:
Me Church
Me Worship

We also closed out with a video Katie and I put together to the Prayer of St. Francis. You can view it here.

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10-12-08 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Crave - Freedom

This morning Jason wrapped up our Soul Cravings series by talking about our craving for freedom. It was a powerful service about Christ freeing us from being knotted up. We started with a video called Craig's story from Willow Creek. It was something I saw at their leadership summit a couple months ago. It's on YouTube, so you can check it out here. Then Jason did an awesome job of talking about the freedom that we have in Christ; that Christianity isn't about a set of rules, but about being free in the hope that we have. We took communion after the message and closed up with a bit of worship.

Worship Set:
Freedom Reigns- Rita Springer- Key of E
The More I Seek You- Gateway- Key of E
Prepare the Way- Lakewood- Key of E

We closed out with I Am Free by the Desperation Band as everyone was leaving.


10-05-08 Collision

Worship Recap

Sermon: Crave - Acceptance

This morning Curran continued our Soul Cravings series by talking about our craving for acceptance.

Worship Set:
Everyone- Desperation Band- Key of E
Not to Us- Chris Tomlin- Key of E
Free to Worship- Lakewood- Key of E
Draw Me Close- Kelly Carpenter- Key of A

I really enjoyed playing Free to Worship- we have a lot of polishing to do on that song, but the lyrics are so solid and really connect with my heart. I look forward to pulling it out again in a week or so. We closed the service with "Perfect" by Alanis Morisette. The band did an awesome job with this one. We planned to lead into the song with a video clip from Center Stage, but time just didn't allow.

The recording from the service showed a "recording error" so I'm not sure we'll get any audio up...

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