09-14-08 Collision

Worship Recap

This morning Jason continued the series Soul Cravings with a look at our craving for destiny. Isn't it freeing to think that our destiny isn't really about us at all? To know that it is already created, we just need the courage to step into it? I was encouraged! It is easy to get muddled down in the day-to-day, living for the weekend life- but there is so much more! There is a God who has great plans for us!

Worship Set:
O' Praise Him - David Crowder Band
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
New Doxology - Gateway Worship

I had no idea what a big hit the new doxology would be. I received so much positive feedback- one person even said they'd love to hear that every week! Anna stepped it up with leading the third verse and it was rockin'! The overwhelming presence of God's Spirit was incredible. We never even made it to the last song, which would have been Enough by Chris Tomlin. A few weeks ago I ended with No Sweeter Name, which was a new song for Collision and I learned that ending with a new song wasn't such a good move. That is why I had Enough plugged in after Doxology... however, God is bigger than any of my planning attempts and this song was a perfect fit. I can't wait to do it again!


thejonmorris said...

been wanting to do the new doxology.....i guess i need to go ahead. sounds like it worked great for you guys.

Gary Durbin said...

Hey Michelle, great set.