This is in response to a couple of questions inquiring as to how we do communion at Collision.

In no way do I hold this as the "right" or the "only" way, it is just "our" way and we are open to doing it however the Lord leads us. The main goals of communion for me are:

1. That everyone has the opportunity to corporately commune with God
2. For everyone to have a clear understanding of what is happening, and for no one to feel awkward.

I have been in many a church service where I felt awkward trying to figure out "their way" of receiving communion. I don't think the Lord's table would ever be somewhere that someone felt awkward or out of place.

Disclaimer: I am going to give you all probably 100 more details than you ever wanted.

Each week we have a communion table that is set up for people to come to at anytime during the worship service. Then, about once a month we come to the table corporately and receive communion.

Yesterday we sat up a table down front on the right side. We used a large rug and then sat a table in the center of it. (We are currently meeting in our fellowship hall as we wait for our new worship space to be completed, so it is all rugs and partitions.) We placed the bread and the juice (sounds funny to say juice and not wine, but it was juice... which I guess is baby wine?) in the center of the table. We served a large round Kings Hawaiian bread and Welch's grape juice. The bread sits in an "earthy" wooden bowl and the juice is served in two large ceramic "cups." (I am sure there is a very perfect and holy word for them). Basically they are just very cool looking pieces of fired pottery shaped like over-sized wine glasses. We use these wooden partitions standing behind the table with a large wooden cross affixed to them. Additionally, there was a metal, rustic looking, cross on the actual table as well as lit candle.

As far as actually serving communion, this week communion was a central response to the message and so it was served at the end in more of an "altar call" fashion. We tend to serve communion at the end of our service so that it is a response and not a "practice." Pastor Missy shifted to communion at the end of her sermon and then gave the words of institution (a fancy word for explaining communion as it was detailed in scripture) and broke the bread. At this time, as three assistants as well as myself came forward, the congregation was encouraged to spend a moment in silent prayer and reflection. Missy and the other assistants served myself and each other from the Lord's table.

The reason that I came up at this time is because we found it is a great way for whoever is sharing music during communion to receive communion without it being awkward. There is nothing more awkward than being in the middle of a worship song and having two people come up and try and serve me communion without me dropping something, choking on something, or the music stopping strangely altogether.

I began to play and then those serving communion moved to the center as Missy instructed, "the table is open, please come." We serve communion by intinction (another fancy word that means breaking off a piece of bread from the loaf and dipping it into the juice). I am a fan of this method, all theological reasoning aside, simply for the sanitary presentation. Of course, the wafers and small cups accomplish the same sanitary result.

This week I played "Remain in Me" during communion. It is a very simple songs and the lyrics are:

I am the vine, you are the branches
Remain in Me
I am the vine you are the branches
Stay here with Me

Remain in Me, remain in Me
For apart from Me you can do nothing
Remain in Me

I think there are a lot of great communion songs out there and as a general rule I play something that is reflective in nature. I also never play something that will attempt to be a "show stealer," this time isn't about me or my song, but about people dining with Christ. Often times I will just play something light on the acoustic and sit on a stool, it is also my preference for the stage lights not to be up very much.

I hope that you all find this helpful! Please comment and let me know how you do communion.


Jeff M. Miller said...

Thanks for sharing.

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I love the details.
I really like the thought of being able to take communion through out the service.
We have a preservice. Which is a mini service for all the teams working. Some worship, whatever creative art element we are doing a shorten version of the message.
If we have communion that Sunday, the worship team takes it then.

Collision said...

I love the mini pre-service idea and want to look at adopting it! Thanks so much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Do you have chords for Remain in Me? I'm a worship keader, and I love that song, but I can't find the chords anywhere :(

my email is Punkin8692@aol.com if you can help me out! thanks!!