So I have tried my hand at this blogging thing before and the truth of it is, I am not that interesting and I begin forgetting to attend to it. However, I am hoping that if in this attempt my focus is on the movement of God and what he is doing in my life- it will be interesting and I will remember! I am excited about all of the new things that are rising up around me. I feel like I can hear the echo of the footsteps but I don't see the footprint just yet.

God has been whispering a simple truth to me: The passion of a group is never greater than the passion of their leaders.

I don't say that to place myself or anyone else on a pedastool, but simply to say this has been a wakeup call for me. I once had a good friend (a pastor who I led worship for) look me in the eye and say, "You can't lead people by pointing and saying 'it's over there, walk that direction and you will find what you are looking for.' You lead people by saying, 'come on, I've been there- I know where to find what you are searching for.' You can't lead people to a place you've never been."

I don't know where that truth came from originally, but that person was pretty smart- because it is true. I wouldn't follow someone across the indigenous terrain of an unfamiliar environment without knowing they had been there before. I am reminded of my trip to Germany in 2005. I traveled all over the country not knowing a lick of Deutsch or European geography- but the person I was with knew the language and knew the country. However- perhaps even more important than knowing the destination, that person knew me.

People don't follow strangers, at least not by common practice. In the world of politics I suppose people widely follow strangers, but the media makes it feel as though they've been sitting in your living room talking with you. We must be willing to invest in people, to know their names and their passions- then, if they can see that we have already been to the desitination and know Him well- they will follow.

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