Revelation 12:11 "For they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death."

I will not grow weary in doing good for I know the victory has been won. Though evil may torment me, I will old to this hope, that He who formed me wants my best. Though I pain for my desires, He pains for my freedom. The chains I wear are broken through years of confusion have wrapped them around my soul. I know the peril of fresh wind. I know the rest of His touch and the peace of His romance. Though I am commonly discouraged and my heart easily displaced, I pray for His grace to split the clouds and illuminate my soul.

I have seen dark clouds billowing across the sky as the harsh breeze tosses foliage across the horizontal plane. But too I have seen the sun illuminate the clouds. As the breeze separated the clouds and vision gave way to image, the cloud became a mask on one side and the other side of the same cloud drifted off against the wind. The mask was gray, it was as a mask you would see in an opera, with a sort of porcelain quality. In this mask was not the intention of falsehood, but the byproduct of confusion. It was a mask like the morning fog across a familiar field. The fog means not to cause the field to seem as something other than it was, but rather drifts by as a natural result of the atmosphere, nothing contrived.

As the illumination grew and the current continued to billow the clouds, this mask began to drift and transform. After a moment the edge of the mask began to soften as it took new form. The mask danced into the shape of a woman This woman was clothed in the sun and adorned with wings. These wings however were not of cherubim but of an eagle. These wings were strong and could carry her on amongst the sky.

As I sat on my balcony viewing this scene, it wasn’t something that connected for me right away. Truth be told, I am not much of a cloud gazer and I don’t have a great deal of imagination in these things. I was the kid laying on the grass screaming in fits of rage because I couldn’t see what everyone else was seeing in the stupid clouds. But this, this was different. The clouds nearly spoke to me and told me their story. However, I went on with my evening and though it sat in the back of my mind I paid it little attention.

After returning home from church Sunday I sat down and began studying the passage in Revelation 12. Suddenly my clouds made sense. I knew this woman for I had seen her in the clouds. The Lord is good, he will give us wings as eagles to rise above the darkness and stretch beyond the dragon’s reach. He will draw us to Himself and I have to believe that grace can save us even when we fly into the arms of the dragon.

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