Transition. I think this is an important word. Transition is movement. It is an outpouring of kinetic energy. It inspires change and enables transformation. Transition is not simple and it often asks things of us that we would rather not give. It severs ties and births relationships. However, it doesn’t consult us on our preference. We choose transition, this much is true. However, once we commit to the process we surrender control. Logic knows no bounds and cannot be contained within the mind of choice. Will we dance with the changing tides of the Spirit or will we put roots down so far that no change will ever be born in our lifetime?

I want to dance with you. I want your hand to slip into mine as we sashay to and fro throughout the earth. I want to traverse ground as if there were no ground at all. I want to move and be moved with precise timing that asks of me perfection. I want to be used of you and consumed by you. At the end of this moment I want there to be nothing left of me. I want to know that I have given every ounce of my being to your choreography. Teach me your steps that I may walk alongside you in harmony. Show me your ways that I may be hidden in you, that my ideas are not my own and my wants know nothing of me.

Take my hand and dance with me.

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